Grade Up

Yay! The first grade in current airline has been completed. Thanks to involvement in key activities and assignment for important role, that was a fun year full of learnings and earnings though at first it would be a laid-back one. Within one year, I’ve grasped a lot and I’ve grown so much in many aspects despite sometimes I felt misplaced or even underutilized.

In less than a year or two, anyway, the final grade is about to come. Being in comfort zone and doing repetitive jobs is enjoyable—it really is, nevertheless I want to comprehend things from other, or even broader perspective. I’m certain that my experience would’ve been enriched in the upcoming grade, but whether it’s a final grade or not, it depends on the opportunities to develop myself further and to explore my latent talents deeper. I don’t want to stay stagnant. I don’t want.

Some people dare themselves to take accelerated moves, so they could graduate earlier and move on with their lives. People finishing in advance signify either they’re really outstanding, or they want to grow outside because they’re hardly growing inside. Well, option to accelerate will be chosen only if things remain sluggish and such circumstance is prone to make myself decelerate.

Everybody renounces in time; and so do I. Because we deserve to be in a place where we can show the best capabilities of ourselves.


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