Perceiving Time, Surviving Time

Talking about time is talking about a uniquely single variable that prompts different feeling to everyone. Though everyone is going through exactly the same measurement unit of time, everyone has different perception towards it. To different people, an interval of three years seem either long or short depends on their circumstances, how they fill up their time, and how they absorb or waste opportunities within three years.

To many high school students, three years seem quite a long period of joyful adolescence despite obligation to be at school from early morning to late afternoon in weekdays. There might be no heavy thoughts besides enjoying teenage years, but soon or later they will realize that actually high school years passed very shortly and three years seemed not enough. If there is a chance to turn back the time, many of them would gladly live through those happy three years once again.

To those battling with cancer, three years might seem like three decades. Chemotherapies and other supporting treatments are painful enough to remind that life is pretty hard to get through—while sometimes there comes up a feeling that life treats them unfairly. But life is a series of never-ending survival, and as a matter of fact, three years indicate that they have survived a lengthy span of time. Even some of them might have recuperated; and perhaps realize that three years have gone longer than they expected.

To people migrating abroad for work or postdoctorate study, three years seem very lingering at the beginning. Adjustment to new environment, adaptation to people with various cultural backdrops, even loneliness and homesickness are just few examples that make the early stage seems hard to survive. But gradually as they focus on the primary reason why they move overseas, the stumbling blocks slowly dematerializes. And having gone through those long-struggling years, eventually there will come a more favorable situation comparing to three prior years.

To parents raising kids, three years seem to happen like a speed of light. Things change as they are busy earning living and also nurturing their kids. An infant turns into a toddler, a toddler turns into a child, a child turns into a teenager, then a teenager turns into an adult. While time seems to spin very quickly, years passed by and transformed both the kids and the parents. The kids have grown up a lot; the parents have grown quite old in three years.

Things might happen unexpectedly within three years, so be well-prepared for any good as well as unfavorable scenarios. Golden opportunities might happen, but so does catastrophes. Rapid development might happen, but so does the outbreak of riot—or even war. What matters is how you respond to anything happen within such period; how you act positively or negatively towards any possible issue. Instead of letting life controls yourself, let your actions determine your life.

If it has been, or it’s going to be an up-and-down period of three years; just live your life as if it’s your high school years. The first year is a phase of self-actualization and self-acceptance, the second year is a phase of discovering potentials and living life to the fullest, meanwhile the third year is an ultimate stage when you have to prepare for life after school years—but you keep having fun during your final year. Just make the most of your three years regardless any emerging difficulties. You’ll survive anyway.


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